Collection Management Services

Our clients rely on our years of collector car experience and our vast network of industry resources and vendors to guide them into making sound collector car maintenance decisions for their investments.

Most of our clients lead active lifestyles, and the balance of family, work and recreation leaves less time for the attention to their vintage, muscle car, and exotic car maintenance.

We want to enrich your experience, while reducing stress, by handling everything throughout the process. We are pleased to provide our professional opinion, and then conduct the entire negotiation process on your behalf, as your critical car care representative. Classic Car Vault can arrange shipping directly to the vendor from our facility to perform any collection maintenance service ,or any restoration service that may be desired or necessary.

Even the finest vehicles can depreciate rapidly due to delayed repairs, degradation of parts and materials, due to environmental exposure, especially if it is not driven or started regularly. Vehicles in storage require periodic inspection and maintenance of all mechanical, electrical, and fluid systems, so that your vehicle is ready to be driven when called upon. The preservation, appearance, and care requirements of paint, chrome, rubber weather stripping, leather, carpets, and fabrics can not be fully met by a client.

Every collection varies in the type of cars, quality and client’s interests. Classic Car Vault will create a custom service program, based on the needs of the individual client. This begins with an initial examination and evaluation of the vehicle needs, by a certified technician. Reports and/or activity logs can be generated for ease of monitoring.

Let Classic Car Vault maintain and preserve your vintage, exotic, muscle car, classic car, up to peak performance and appearance.

Our critical car care maintenance twenty-point inspection:

1) oil service & filter
2) ignition service
3) check wiring harness
4) battery testing
5) fuel service
6) lighting
7) switches
8) dynamos/starters
9) fluids
10) brakes
11) body panel inspection
12) rust & corrosion
13) suspension components
14) under carriage inspection
15) rims & tires
16) tire condition, wheel balance,& alignment.
17) fluid leaks
18) chassis lubrication
19) interior/exterior cosmetic detailing
20) mass registry inspection renewal

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